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5th Annual Thanksgiving Classic

November 17-18, 2012: Pasadena, CA

Thank you to all Coaches, Players and Parents for making our 5th Annual Thanksgiving Classic Event a success.  We congratulate all of our championship teams and commend ALL of your teams for your excellent play and sportsmanship this weekend.  We also thank all of you who brought donations for our Thanksgiving Food Drive. We appreciate your support and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cal TechAdmission Charges:
Brown Gymnasium (Old Gym - Cal Tech Courts 1 & 2)$7.00 Adults
Braun Gymnasium (Newer Gym - Cal Tech Court 3)$3.00 Children
1200 East California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125
Parking: Caltech parking is FREE on weekends…use underground parking or the surface lot next door to Brown Gym.
Pasadena City College
Hutto Patterson Gymnasium (PCC Courts 1, 2 & 3)
1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106
Parking: PCC Parking passes must be purchased for $2.00 at the Yellow Parking Permit Dispensers.
Cars parked at PCC without permits may be ticketed…
Boys 8u (2nd)  
Cal Heat
House of Handlez
Hard Work Basketball
Saturday, 11/17Cal HeatHard Work Basketball 12-146:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17CAVSHouse of Handlez 50-536:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/17Cal HeatHouse of Handlez 8-58:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17CAVSHard Work Basketball 32-148:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/18Cal HeatCAVS 6:00 PMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/18Hard WorkHouse of Handlez 33-116:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/181st CAVS2nd Hardwork Championship   27-248:00 PMPCC 1
Boys 9u/10u  Bronze (3rd/4th)  
WolverinesCal Heat
SCV LegionMustangs
Next Level 
Saturday, 11/17WolverinesSCV Legion 38-141:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/17WolverinesNext Level 64-273:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/17Cal HeatMustangs 26-93:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18SCV LegionCal Heat 11-279:00 AMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18Next LevelMustangs 17-259:00 AMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/182nd Wolverines3rd MustangsGame 1 45-1511:00 AMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/184th Next Level5th SCV LegionCons 23-1312:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/181st Cal HeatWinner G1 Wolverines Championship1:00 PMCalTech 3
Boys 10u Gold (4th)  
Pasadena Fury
Foothill Flyers
LA Select
Saturday, 11/17Pasadena FuryFoothill Flyers 49-81:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17Pasadena FuryArarat 51-343:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/17AraratLA Select 35-256:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/18Pasadena FuryLA Select 29-2610:00 AMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/18AraratFoothill Flyers 36-810:00 AMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/18Foothill FlyersLA Select 11-3712:00 PMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/18


Pasadena Fury

2nd Ararat



2:00 PMPCC 2
Boys 11u (5th) 
Pool APool BPool CPool D
Cal HeatWolverinesHBA KingsHype Basketball
Foothill FlyersBellatorsHard Work BasketballSV Panthers
Crown CitySCV LegionAftershock 
Saturday, 11/17Hype BasketballSV Panthers 58-121:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/17HBA KingsHard Work Basketball 34-242:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/17WolverinesSCV Legion 44-244:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/17Cal HeatCrown City 33-185:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/17Hard Work BasketballAftershock 18-295:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/17BellatorsSCV Legion 37-397:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/17Foothill FlyersCrown City 10-397:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/18AftershockHype Basketball 15-459:00 AMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/18Cal HeatFoothill Flyers 63-810:00 AMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18WolverinesBellators 39-2210:00 AMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/18HBA KingsSV Panthers 42-4610:00 AMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/181st A Cal Heat1st C KingsSemi Final G1 36-3112:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/181st B Wolverines1st D Hype BasketballSemi Final G2 26-3912:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/183rd A Foothill Hoops3rd C AftershockConsolation Semi G3  18-4512:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/182nd A Crown City2nd C Hard Work Bball5th Place SemiFinal G4   1:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/182nd B Legion2nd D Panthers

5th Place SemiFinal G5      32-25

1:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/183rd B BellatorsWinner Cons G3 AftershockConsolation G6 15-02:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/18Winner G5 LegionWinner G4 Hard Work5th Place 40-173:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/18Winner G1 Cal HeatWinner G2 Hype BasketballChampionship7:00 PMCalTech 3
Boys 12u (6th)  
Pool APool B
Westchester BallhogsNorthridge Knights
Kings Basketball AcademyPasadena Fury
AftershockFoothill Flyers
Saturday, 11/17Kings Basketball AcademyAftershock



10:00 AMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17Westchester BallhogsPanthers 24-1711:00 AMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17Foothill FlyersNorthridge Knights 56-471:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/17Pasadena FuryPlaymakers 25-404:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/18Foothill FlyersPasadena Fury 32-521:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18Northridge KnightsPlaymakers 37-404:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/18Westchester BallhogsKings Basketball Academy 33-614:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18AftershockPanthers 4:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/18Kings Basketball AcademyPanthers 6:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/18AftershockWestchester Ballhogs 6:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18Northridge KnightsPasadena Fury 32-466:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/18Foothill FlyersPlaymakers 29-316:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/181st A Aftershock2nd B Playmakers Championship 49-348:00 PMPCC 2
Boys 13u (7th)
Pool APool BPool CPool D
Westchester BallhogsWolverinesLights OutValley Force
VIPKings Basketball AcademyFoothill FlyersSCV Legion
Hard Work BasketballHype BasketballAraratPlaymakers
Saturday, 11/17Foothill FlyersArarat 29-6811:00 AMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/17Lights OutArarat 49-501:00 PMCal Tech 1
Saturday, 11/17WolverinesHype Basketball 47-342:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/17Valley ForceSCV Legion 46-282:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17Kings Basketball AcademyHype Basketball 35-384:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17Westchester BallhogsVIP 30-326:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/17SCV LegionPlaymakers 18-607:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/17Hard Work BasketballVIP 32-538:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18Westchester BallhogsHard Work Basketball 54-353:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18WolverinesKings Basketball Academy 43-233:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/18Lights OutFoothill Flyers 25-433:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/18Valley ForcePlaymakers 36-393:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/181st A VIP1st C AraratSemiFinal G1 24-315:00 PMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/181st B Wolverines1st D PlaymakersSemiFinal G2    44-325:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/182nd A Westchester Ballhogs2nd C Lights Out5th Place Semi G35:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/182nd B Hype Basketball2nd D Valley Force5th Place Semi G4  45-485:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/183rd A Hard Work Basketball3rd C Foothill FlyersConsolation G55:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/183rd B Kings3rd D SCV LegionConsolation G6  50-205:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/18Winner G5Winner G6 KingsConsolation7:00 PMCal Tech 2
Sunday, 11/18Winner G3Winner G4  Valley Force5th Place7:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18Winner G1  AraratWinner G2   WolverinesChampionship    36-437:00 PMPCC 1
Boys 14u Platinum (8th)  
Pool APool B
CAVSWestchester Ballhogs
VIPKings Basketball Academy
SCV LegionCamarillo Dons
Saturday, 11/17Kings Basketball AcademyWestchester Ballhogs 51-289:00 AMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17Camarillo DonsWestchester Ballhogs 43-4012:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17CAVSSCV Legion 58-355:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17CAVSVIP 43-377:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/18SCV LegionVIP 38-1510:00 AMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/18Kings Basketball AcademyCamarillo Dons 24-5612:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/183rd A Legion3rd B BallhogsConsolation 38-472:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/182nd A VIP2nd B Cam Dons3rd Place 66-232:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/181st A CAVS1st B KingsChampionship 33-232:00 PMCalTech 3
Boys 14u Gold (8th)  
Pool APool B
Cal HeatSCV Rebels
SCV Legion WhiteHBA Kings
Pasadena FuryHard Work Basketball
Crown City 
Saturday, 11/17SCV RebelsHard Work 17-442:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/17Cal HeatPasadena Fury 63-553:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/17Crown CitySCV Legion White 35-334:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/17HBA KingsHard Work 31-424:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/17Crown CityPasadena Fury 12-548:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/17Cal HeatSCV Legion White 33-508:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/18SCV RebelsHBA Kings 24-409:00 AMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/181st A Pasadena Fury2nd BSemiFinal Game 1 43-3311:00 AMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/181st B Hard Work2nd A Crown CitySemiFinal Game 2 54-1711:00 AMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/183rd B4th A Cal HeatConsolation Game 3 54-3211:00 AMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/183rd A SCV Legion WhiteWinner Game 3 Cal HeatConsolation   62-181:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/18Winner G1 Pasadena FuryWinner G2  Hard WorkChampionship 3:00 PMCalTech 3
Girls 5/6th 
Climate Storm
No Dribble
Foothill Flyers
Saturday, 11/17Climate StormArarat 30-169:00 AMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/17No DribbleFoothill Flyers 0-156:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/18Foothill FlyersClimate Storm 1-409:00 AMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/18AraratNo Dribble 46-179:00 AMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/18AraratFoothill Flyers 25-1111:00 AMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/18No DribbleClimate Storm 35-1311:00 AMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/181st Climate Storm2nd Flyers Championship1:00 PMPCC 2
Girls 7th/8th 
Pool APool B
Team ConceptCamarillo Dons
Threat*Lights Out
SCV Triplethreat RedSCV Triplethreat Blue
ELA Lady MadnessNo Dribble
Saturday, 11/17Camarillo DonsSCV Triplethreat Blue 37-1610:00 AMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/17Camarillo DonsLights Out 38-2312:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/17No DribbleSCV Triplethreat Blue 31-282:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/17SCV Triplethreat RedELA Lady Madness 48-133:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/17SCV Triplethreat RedTeam Concept 32-115:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/17ELA Lady MadnessThreat 34-465:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/17Team ConceptThreat 36-197:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/18Lights OutNo Dribble 30-212:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/181st A SCV Triplethreat Red2nd B Lights OutSemiFinal G14:00 PMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/182nd A Team Concept1st B Camarillo DonsSemiFinal G2    30-264:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/183rd A ELA Lady Madness4th B No DribbleConsolation G3 19-354:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/183rd B SCV Triplethreat BlueWinner G3       No DribbleConsolation 15-07:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/18Winner G1 SCV Triplethreat RedWinner G2 Team ConceptChampionship  33-277:00 PMPCC 2
* Threat will Play Saturday Only. Remaining 2 teams from Pool A will advance.     

Tournament Registration Payment

California Heat Office: 800-501-1510 

Mail Team Entry Fees Payable to: 
Higgins Athletic Corporation
15768 Midwood Drive #6
Granada Hills, CA 91344

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