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7th Annual Memorial Day Classic 2015

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Santa Monica College Campus Map
Park in Structure 3 (Parking is FREE on weekends)

Santa Monica College Admission Charges: 
1900 Pico Blvd $7.00 for Adults 
Santa Monica, CA 90405 $3.00 for Children 
Parking on campus is FREE on the weekends...   
Boys 9/10u    
Rising Stars Brown 9u    
SoCal Hoops    
Hoopmaster 10u    
Cal Heat    
Hoopmasters 9u    
DateHome TeamAway TeamScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 5/23SoCal HoopsHoopmasters 9u


9:00 AM2
Saturday, 5/23SoCal HoopsRising Stars 9u 44-1711:00 AM2
Saturday, 5/23Hoopmasters 9uCal Heat 29-391:00 PM1
Saturday, 5/23Rising Stars 9uHoopmasters 10u 11-463:00 PM1
Saturday, 5/23Hoopmasters 10uCal Heat 41-165:00 PM1
Sunday, 5/24Hoopmasters 9u (24)Rising Stars 9u (34)9u Championship9:00 AM2
Sunday, 5/24     
 1st Hoopmasters 26    
 6:00 PM (Ct 1) SoCal Hoops   
2nd SoCal Hoops10u Championship    
4:00 PM (Ct 1) SoCal Hoops 30    
3rd Cal Heat    

Boys 11u    
Impact SC Blue    
Pacific Elite*    
Rising Stars Green    
DateHome TeamAway TeamScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 5/23Impact SC BlueRising Stars Green 68-2512:00 PM2
Saturday, 5/23HoopmastersImpact SC Blue 42-582:00 PM2
Saturday, 5/23Rising Stars GreenPacific Elite 27-243:00 PM2
Saturday, 5/23HoopmastersPacific Elite 39-285:00 PM2
Sunday, 5/24     
2nd Rising Stars 16     
9:00 AM (Ct 3) Hoopmasters 37    
3rd Hoopmasters 36     
 11:00 AM (Ct 2) Impact  
 1st Impact 58    
*Pacific Elite will play pool play games ONLY.  They will not advance to bracket play…  

Boys 12u    
Pool APool B    
High Rise HoopsImpact SC Blue    
SV CagersSpyder Surf*    
South Bay MambasHoopmasters    
DateHome TeamAway TeamScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 5/23HoopmastersSpyder Surf 33-509:00 AM3
Saturday, 5/23Impact SC BlueSpyder Surf 38-4210:00 AM3
Saturday, 5/23Impact SC BlueHoopmasters 61-2912:00 PM3
Saturday, 5/23High Rise HoopsSV Cagers 38-602:00 PM3
Saturday, 5/23South Bay MambasSV Cagers 48-474:00 PM3
Saturday, 5/23South Bay MambasHigh Rise Hoops 33-176:00 PM1
Sunday, 5/24     
 1st A SB Mambas 37    
 11:00 AM (Ct 3) SB Mambas 44   
2nd Hoopmasters 22Semifinal 1    
9:00 AM (Ct 1) High Rise Hoops 23    
Play-in Game 2:00 PM (Ct 2)   
3rd A High Rise 42 Championship South Bay Mambas 
 2nd A SV Cagers 41    
 11:00 AM (Ct 1)    
 Semifinal 2 Impact 42   
 1st B Impact 51    
  High Rise Hoops 32   
  12:00 PM (Ct 3)   
  3rd Place SV Cagers 
   SV Cagers 50   
*Spyder Surf will play pool play games ONLY.  They will not advance to bracket play…  

Boys 13u     
Pool APool B    
Canyon HotshotsSoCal Hoops    
Impact SC BlueHoopmasters    
Baldwin Hills EliteBlue Print    
Rising Stars Purple     
DateHome TeamAway TeamScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 5/23SoCal HoopsHoopmasters 49-910:00 AM1
Saturday, 5/23SoCal HoopsBlue Print 50-4212:00 PM1
Saturday, 5/23HoopmastersBlue Print 26-432:00 PM1
Saturday, 5/23Canyon HotshotsImpact SC Blue 21-544:00 PM1
Saturday, 5/23Baldwin Hills EliteRising Stars Purple 37-344:00 PM2
Saturday, 5/23Canyon HotshotsRising Stars Purple 38-507:00 PM1
Saturday, 5/23Baldwin Hills EliteImpact SC Blue 48-377:00 PM2
Sunday, 5/24     
 1st A Baldwin Hills 24    
2nd Blue Print 2812:00 PM (Ct 2) Impact 60   
10:00 AM (Ct 1)Semifinal 1    
Quarterfinal 1 Impact 41    
3rd A Impact 68 3:00 PM (Ct 1) Impact 
2nd Rising Stars 62     
10:00 AM (Ct 2) Rising Stars 40    
Quarterfinal 2     
3rd Hoopmasters 21  Rising Stars 48   
 12:00 PM (Ct 3)    
4th Canyon HS 51Semifinal 2    
10:00 AM (Ct 3) Canyon Hotshots 35    
Quarterfinal 3    Baldwin Hills 35   
1st SoCal Hoops 47 2:00 PM (Ct 1)   
  3rd Place Baldwin Hills  
  Canyon Hotshots 32   

Boys 14u    
SV Cagers    
Cal Heat    
SoCal Hoops    
Rising Stars White    
DateHome TeamAway TeamScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 5/23Cal HeatSoCal Hoops 36-609:00 AM1
Saturday, 5/23SV CagersSoCal Hoops 68-3711:00 AM3
Saturday, 5/23Cal HeatRising Stars White 69-6311:00 AM1
Saturday, 5/23SV CagersRising Stars White 57-351:00 PM3
Sunday, 5/24SoCal HoopsRising Stars White 45-295:00 PM2
Sunday, 5/24Cal HeatSV Cagers 45-615:00 PM1
Sunday, 5/241st SV Cagers 492nd SoCal Hoops 45Championship7:00 PM1

Boys JV    
Rising Stars Blue    
Baldwin Hills Elite    
SoCal Union    
Cal Storm    
DateHome TeamAway TeamScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 5/23Rising Stars BlueCal Storm 56-3910:00 AM2
Saturday, 5/23Rising Stars BlueCAVS 35-631:00 PM2
Saturday, 5/23Cal StormSoCal Union 34-683:00 PM3
Saturday, 5/23CAVSBaldwin Hills Elite 55-275:00 PM3
Saturday, 5/23Baldwin Hills EliteSoCal Union 45-467:00 PM3
Sunday, 5/24     
 1st CAVS 59    
 4:00 PM (Ct 2) CAVS 33   
4th Baldwin Hills 48Semifinal 1    
2:00 PM (Ct 3) Baldwin Hills  51    
Play-in game 7:00 PM (Ct 2)   
5th Cal Storm 40 Championship SoCal Union 
 3rd Rising Stars 24    
 4:00 PM (Ct 3)    
 Semifinal 2 SoCal Union 53   
 2nd SoCal Union 46    
  Rising Stars 56   
  6:00 PM (Ct 2)   
  3rd Place Rising Stars 
  Baldwin Hills 27   

Boys Varsity    
SV Cagers    
Cal Storm    
Baldwin Hills Elite    
DateHome TeamAway TeamScoreTimeCourt
Saturday, 5/23SV CagersCAVS 60-356:00 PM3
Saturday, 5/23Baldwin Hills EliteCal Storm 44-406:00 PM2
Saturday, 5/23Baldwin Hills EliteCAVS 27-348:00 PM2
Saturday, 5/23SV CagersCal Storm 65-268:00 PM3
Sunday, 5/24SV CagersBaldwin Hills Elite 62-311:00 PM3
Sunday, 5/24CAVSCal Storm 68-411:00 PM2
Sunday, 5/243rd Baldwin Hills 554th Cal Storm 643rd Place3:00 PM3
Sunday, 5/241st SV Cagers 682nd CAVS 48Championship3:00 PM2

Qualifier Event for the California State Games



Tournament Registration Payment

**Tournament fees are non-refundable. Any un-used Team Fees may be applied to future California Heat sponsored events**

California Heat Office: 800-501-1510 


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