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Back to School Classic 2010 Results

2nd Annual
Back to School Classic 2010
Presented by:
California Heat
Pasadena City College
Hutto Patterson Gymnasium
1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106
Thanks to all of the teams, players, coaches and parents for participating in this event!
Boys 10u (4th) 
Jr Hoops
CA Heat
VNSO (2nd Place)
Burbank Raptors (Champs)
Saturday, 9/11CA HeatVNSO18-331:30 PM3
Saturday, 9/11Jr HoopsVNSO21-363:30 PM3
Saturday, 9/11Jr HoopsBurbank Raptors13-295:30 PM3
Saturday, 9/11CA HeatBurbank Raptors10-417:30 PM3
Sunday, 9/12VNSOBurbank Raptors27-2811:00 AM2
Boys 12u (6th) 
Jr Hoops
CA Heat 
Burbank Raptors (Champs)
All American Youth  (2nd Place)
Saturday, 9/11CA HeatJr Hoops49-322:30 PM1
Saturday, 9/11Burbank RaptorsJr Hoops44-324:30 PM1
Saturday, 9/11Burbank RaptorsCA Heat48-446:30 PM1
Saturday, 9/11CA HeatAA Youth33-347:30 PM1
Sunday, 9/12Burbank RaptorsAA Youth48-3210:00 AM2
Sunday, 9/12Jr HoopsAA Youth32-6312:00 PM1
Sunday, 9/12Burbank RaptorsAA Youth41-303:00 PM1
Boys 13u (7th) 
CA Heat (Champs)
SE Warriors 
Team Hustle (2nd Place)
Granada Hills Street Kings
Saturday, 9/11SE WarriorsTeam Hustle33-382:30 PM2
Saturday, 9/11CA HeatGH Street Kings49-352:30 PM3
Saturday, 9/11SE WarriorsGH Street Kings40-385:30 PM1
Saturday, 9/11CA HeatTeam Hustle43-346:30 PM3
Sunday, 9/12GH Street KingsTeam Hustle34-462:00 PM3
Sunday, 9/12CA HeatSE Warriors48-352:00 PM1
Sunday, 9/12CA HeatTeam Hustle49-434:00 PM2
Boys JV 
K&E Bulls (Champs)
CA Heat (2nd Place)
SE Warriors 
Saturday, 9/11K&E BullsHangTime74-381:30 PM2
Saturday, 9/11K&E BullsSE Warriors58-294:30 PM3
Saturday, 9/11CA HeatSE Warriors60-437:30 PM2
Sunday, 9/12CA HeatHangTime56-5010:00 AM1
Sunday, 9/12CA HeatK&E Bulls47-651:00 PM1
Sunday, 9/12SE WarriorsHangTime32-391:00 PM3
Sunday, 9/12K&E BullsCA Heat66-593:00 PM3
Girls 8th (14u) 
Lights Out 
Lady VIP 
CA Heat (2nd Place)
Team Hustle (Champs)
Saturday, 9/11Lady VIPCA Heat24-81:30 PM1
Saturday, 9/11Lady VIPLights Out18-153:30 PM1
Saturday, 9/11CA HeatTeam Hustle20-333:30 PM2
Saturday, 9/11Lights OutTeam Hustle9-655:30 PM2
Sunday, 9/12CA HeatLights Out27-1312:00 PM2
Sunday, 9/12Lady VIPTeam Hustle12-4212:00 PM3
Sunday, 9/12Team HustleCA Heat38-352:00 PM2
Girls Varsity 
NC Swoosh 
Triplethreat (2nd Place)
Team Hustle (Champs)
FS Evolution 
Saturday, 9/11FS EvolutionTeam Hustle11-344:30 PM2
Saturday, 9/11TriplethreatTeam Hustle2-296:30 PM2
Sunday, 9/12NC SwooshFS Evolution50-249:00 AM2
Sunday, 9/12NC SwooshTeam Hustle18-1911:00 AM3
Sunday, 9/12TriplethreatFS Evolution37-2911:00 AM1
Sunday, 9/12NC SwooshTriplethreat24-251:00 PM2
Sunday, 9/12Team HustleTriplethreatChampionship3:00 PM2

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