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Thanksgiving Classic 2011

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4th Annual
Thanksgiving Classic 2011
Presented by: California Heat
An AAU Santioned Event
Cal TechAdmission Charges:
Brown Gymnasium (Old Gym - Courts 1 & 2)$7.00 Adults
Braun Gymnasium (Newer Gym - Courts 3 & 4)$3.00 Children
1200 East California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125
Pasadena City College
Hutto Patterson Gymnasium
1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106
NOTE: PCC Parking passes must be purchased for $2.00 at the Yellow Parking Permit Dispensers.
Cars parked at PCC without permits may be ticketed…
Boys 10u (4th)  
California Heat
SGV 4 Black
Burbank Tarheels
Saturday, 11/19SGV 4 BlackCAVS 28-2311:00 AM

CalTech 1

Saturday, 11/19CA HeatBurbank Tarheels 40-2311:00 AMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/19SGV 4 BlackCA Heat 24-411:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/19CAVSBurbank Tarheels 16-234:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/20CA HeatCAVS 42-149:00 AMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/20SGV 4 BlackBurbank Tarheels 17-489:00 AMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/20CA HeatBurbank TarheelsChampionship11:00 AMCalTech 3
Boys 11u (5th)  
CAVSFoothill Flyers
Full Force HawksSGV 5 Black
Simi Valley Cagers 
Saturday, 11/19SGV 5 BlackSV Cagers 12-559:00 AMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/19CAVSSV Cagers 23-3912:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/19SGV 5 BlackFull Force Hawks 32-221:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/19CAVSFoothill Flyers 22-212:00 PMCalTech1
Saturday, 11/19Full Force HawksFoothill Flyers 12-384:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/202nd: Foothill Flyers3rd: SVG 5 Black29-138:00 AMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/204th: CAVS5th: Full Force Hawks24-178:00 AMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/201st: SV CagersCAVS48-2710:00 AMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/20Winner G1: FlyersWinner G3:CagersChampionship1:00 PMCalTech 3
Boys 12u (6th)  
Pool APool B
Full Force HawksELA Heat
KingsEdge Basketball
SGV 6 BlackLights Out
Saturday, 11/19KingsFull Force Hawks38-99:00 AMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/19KingsSGV 6 Black 56-2312:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/19Full Force HawksSGV 6 Black 40-163:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/19ELA HeatEdge Basketball 34-522:00 PMCalTech2
Saturday, 11/19ELA HeatLights Out 27-314:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/19Edge BasketballCAVS 27-336:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/19CAVSLights Out 33-278:00 PMPCC
Sunday, 11/20ELA HeatCAVS 44-379:00 AMCalTech 4
Sunday, 11/20Lights OutEdge Basketball 28-39:00 AMCalTech 3
Sunday, 11/201st A: Kings2nd B: EdgeGame 1 43-3811:00 AMCalTech 4
Sunday, 11/201st B: CAVS2nd A: FF HawksGame 2 42-3412:00 PMCalTech 3

Sunday, 11/20Winner G1: KingsWinner G2:CAVSChampionship2:00 PMCalTech 1
Boys 13u (7th) 
Pool APool B
California HeatTeam Next Level
SGV 7 BlackArarat
DateTeams GameTimeCourt
Saturday, 11/19CA HeatSGV 7 Black 62-158:00 AMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/19CA HeatELA Heat 45-2110:00 AMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/19ELA HeatSGV 7 Black 44-181:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/19Team Next LevelArarat 59-152:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/19Team Next LevelCAVS 33-465:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/19AraratCAVS 13-587:00 PMPCC 3
Sunday, 11/201st A: CA Heat2nd B: Team Next LevelGame 1 46-338:00 AMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/201st B: CAVS2nd A: ELA HeatGame 2 45-218:00 AMCalTech 4
Sunday, 11/203rd A: SGV 7 Black3rd: B AraratConsolation 40-2410:00 AMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/20Winner G1 :HeatWinner G2: CAVSChampionship10:00 AMCalTech 4
Boys 14u (8th)  
Full Force HawksNorth Valley Cubs
Running RebelsKings
Simi Valley Cagers 
Saturday, 11/19KingsFull Force Hawks 44-378:00 AMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/19KingsRunning Rebels 40-2710:00 AMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/19Simi Valley CagersRunning Rebels 49-311:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/19Full Force HawksN. Valley Cubs 62-223:00 PMCalTech 2
Saturday, 11/19Simi Valley CagersN. Valley Cubs 64-95:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/204th: Running Rebels5th: N. Valley CubsConsolation 51-810:00 AMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/202nd: Kings3rd: Full ForceGame 11:00 PMCalTech4
Sunday, 11/201st: CagersW G1: KingsChampionship3:00 PMCalTech 3
Girls 5/6th 
California Heat
Sea Hawks
Pasadena Vikings
Lights Out
Saturday, 11/19Lights OutSea Hawks 13-163:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/19Lights OutCA Heat 43-245:00 PMPCC 2
Saturday, 11/19Pasadena VikingsSea Hawks 25-325:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/19Pasadena VikingsCA Heat 29-177:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/203rd: CA Heat2nd: Pasadena Vikings20-1912:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/201st: Lights OutWinner G1: HeatChampionship2:00 PMCalTech 3
*Sea Heaks will play pool play on Saturday Only, leaving 3 teams for Sunday Playoffs
Girls 7th 
PanthersFoothill Flyers
Pasadena Vikings GreenTeam Concept
Pasadena Vikings White 
Saturday, 11/19Team ConceptPasadena Vikings White 26-141:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/19Foothill FlyersPasadena Vikings Green 10-533:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/19Pasadena Vikings WhitePanthers 29-354:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/19Foothill FlyersPanthers 14-526:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/19Team ConceptPasadena Vikings Green 48-417:00 PMPCC 1
Sunday, 11/202nd: Pasadena Vikings Green3rd: Pasadena Vikings WhiteGame 1 32-1411:00 AMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/201st: Team Concept4th: Foothill FlyersGame 2 32-1511:00 AMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/20

Vikings Green

Team Concept

Championship2:00 PMCalTech 4
*Panthers will play pool play on Saturday Only, leaving 4 teams for Sunday Playoffs
Girls 8th
Pool APool B
California HeatMamba Basketball
SoCal FlamesThreat
SCV TriplethreatTeam Concept
Pasadena Vikings GreenPasadena Vikings White
Saturday, 11/19Team ConceptMamba Basketball 54-52:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/19Pasadena Vikings GreenSCV Triplethreat 38-72:00 PMPCC2
Saturday, 11/19CA Heat SoCal Flames 36-163:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/19ThreatMamba Basketball 16-174:00 PMCalTech 1
Saturday, 11/19Pasadena Vikings GreenSoCal Flames 31-245:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/19ThreatPasadena Vikings White 22-146:00 PMPCC 3
Saturday, 11/19Team ConceptPasadena Vikings White 60-178:00 PMPCC 1
Saturday, 11/19CA Heat SCV Triplethreat 29-178:00 PMPCC 2
Sunday, 11/20Mamba BasketballPasadena Vikings White 43-1112:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/20Team ConceptThreat 12:00 PMCalTech 4
Sunday, 11/20SoCal FlamesSCV Triplethreat 1:00 PMCalTech 2
Sunday, 11/20CA Heat Pasadena Vikings Green 34-291:00 PMCalTech 1
Sunday, 11/201st A CA Heat1st B Team ConceptChampionship3:00 PMCalTech 4

Tournament Registration Payment

Print and Mail Registration
with check made out to:
California HEAT
15728 Blackhawk Street
Granada Hills, CA 91344


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